NEOBIOTA 2022 @ Tartu (Estonia)

Photo: Ragnar Vutt.

Biological Invasions in a Changing World

NEOBIOTA 2022 – 12th International Conference on Biological Invasions
Tartu (Estonia) – September 12-16 2022 – organised by Madli Linder


Venue: Conference Centre of the University of Tartu Library (City centre)


NEOBIOTA 2020 @ Vodice, Croatia

Vodice (Croatia) – September 15-18 2020 – organised by Sven Jelaska
11th International Conference on Biological Invasions
The Human Role in Biological Invasions: a case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

All important information concerning dates, registration, booking, fees, etc. are available at the NEOBIOTA 2020 website.

The abstract submission process started by the end of February and has been closed by 15 May 2020.

NEOBIOTA is thinking about all those who are affected by the disruption to daily life caused by COVID-19. We are continuing with the preparations for the NEOBIOTA2020 according to the original plan.

However, we will closely monitored the situation, and work on contingency plans if needed. Please, check the NEOBIOTA2020 web pages regularly for the updates. We hope you remain safe.