NEOBIOTA is the European Group on Biological Invasions. It was founded in 1999 in Berlin as a consortium of scientists and environmental managers aiming to enhance integration of invasion research and strengthen approaches to counteract negative effects of introduced organisms on biodiversity, ecosystem services and human health.

NEOBIOTA addresses theoretical and applied aspects of biological invasions, but also aims at educating the public and consulting with policy makers.

Main tasks of NEOBIOTA

  • Enhance communication and contact between scientists from different (sub-)communities working on theoretical and applied aspects of biological invasions.
  • Stimulate research on non-native species, their traits, their distribution and impacts. Identify information deficits and co-ordinate efforts to fill them.
  • Disseminate information on causes, mechanisms, and impacts of biological invasions and on management approaches.

Genesis of the Neobiota Consortium

Kowarik I. & U. Starfinger, 2009. Neobiota: a European approach. In: Pyšek P. & J. Pergl (Eds): Biological Invasions: Towards a Synthesis. Neobiota 8: 21–28. (PDF 75 kB)