Booking options on accommodation for the conference expired by end of June 2016. We leave this page as is for information for participants booking late.

Consider → sharing a room.

Important update: unfortunately 4 hotels closed in Vianden during 2015 thus limiting accommodation capacities of the city. We recommend participants willing to stay in Vianden to book very soon. Some participants will have to find an accommodation in the surroundings of Vianden and the organizers will organize shuttle services to and from the conference venue.


  1. See below the list of innkeepers which have placed a booking option for the conference on several rooms until end of June 2016.
  2. Participants should mention “NEOBIOTA 2016 conference” in their communication with the innkeepers.
  3. Don’t book over online services as they might seem sold out because they will not show the rooms with options for Neobiota. Contact the hotels directly via email or phone.
  4. Considering sharing a room could help to accommodate a maximum of people in the town of Vianden.
  5. People with low budget should book a bed in the youth hostel a.s.a.p. (22,20 € / night including breakfast)
  6. As soon as you have reserved an accommodation, we kindly ask you to tell us in which accommodation you will be staying thus enabling us to plan shuttle services for people staying outside Vianden (fill the travel & accommodation form online).

List of innkeepers with booking options on rooms until end of June 2016

(L) = Luxembourg, (D) = Germany – List last updated 10 March 2016, km = distance to Vianden. Hotel_name = hotel is fully booked (as far as we have been informed)

Accommodation Town Email address
Auberge de l’Our Vianden (L)
Hôtel Aal Veinen Vianden (L)
Hôtel Belle-Vue Vianden (L)
Hôtel Belvedere Vianden (L)
Hôtel Ville de Bruxelles Vianden (L)
Hôtel Heintz Vianden (L)
Hôtel Nagel Vianden (L)
Hôtel Petry Vianden (L)
Hôtel Victor-Hugo Vianden (L)
Youth hostel Vianden (L)
Hotel Ourtaler Hof Roth-an-der-Our (D, 3 km)
Hotel Hubertushof Koerperich (D, 6 km)
Hotel Im Goldenen Grund Koerperich (D, 6 km)
Hôtel Beau séjour Diekirch (L, 12 km)
Hôtel du Parc Diekirch (L, 12 km)
Hôtel Dimmer Wallendorf-Pont (L, 13 km)
Hotel-Restaurant am Häffchen Wallendorf (D, 13 km)
Centre écologique et touristique “Parc Housen” Hosingen (L, 15 km)
Bungalowpark la Sapinière Hosingen (L, 15 km)
Hôtel Dahm Erpeldange (L, 17 km)
Hôtel Lanners Ettelbruck (L, 18 km)